Levada da Referta

From: 31/per person

Quick Details

  • Availability: Check the calendar for availability. 
  • Duration: In total, including transportation, this tour takes about 4 hours, with the hiking time around 2 hours.
  • Distance: 6Km.
  • Highest Point: 560m.
  • Lowest Point: 550m.
  • Location: Porto da Cruz (North of Madeira)
  • Difficult: Pleasant and easy levada walk.

From: 31/per person

Levada da Referta

  • Delightful levada walk through the beautiful northern villages of Madeira Island.
  • Relaxing and easy levada walk ideal for families.
  • Charming views over Porto da Cruz and the famous “Eagle rock” a massive rock towers up to an elevation of 580m above sea level.

About Levada das Referta

This fascinating walk starts and ends in Porto da Cruz, council of Machico, on the Northern side of Madeira Island.

It is an easy levada walk with about 6km long, which goes along agricultural fields where the main local agricultural crops predominate.

As we go along the walk, different types of fruit trees, legumes and vegetables might be observed. They are mostly planted for self-consumption by local farmers, who are very eager to share their agriculture experience with visitors.

This relaxing and pleasant walk is ideal for families and those who wish to do a more physically accessible levada walk.

Throughout the walk, it is possible to be dazzled by the beautiful landscapes, taking special notice of Penha d’Águia – a fantastic rock formation that reaches 580 meters height.

Closer to the end, you start seeing the local houses, decorated with colourful plants and many times, our visitors are even greeted by friendly locals.

At the end of the trip, we could not miss the famous local bar, where you will have the opportunity to try local drinks and food, such as the famous “Poncha”, made with Porto da Cruz ‘s sugar cane rum.

What is included in the price?
Official mountain guide, transportation and personal insurance (according with the Portuguese law).
What is a levada walk?
The Levadas are a series of channels carved into in the cliff faces, carrying water from the mountainous north to the farms and plantations of the south, the oldest of which have been around for over 500 years. Nowadays are one of the most important touristic attraction on the island.
This hike is ideal for me?
The levada das Referta is an easy levada walk, to do it you don´t need to be a hiking expert you just need to be in relatively good shape to hike during approximately 2 hours.
What kind of equipment I need to bring?
For this kind of easy levada walk we recommend you bring comfortable clothes, raincoat, sun lotion and good shoes (never sandals or flipflop). Also, we recommend you to bring plenty of water and some fruit if you want.
Is food included on the tour?
In the easy levada walks the food is not included and we are not able to provide you picnics pack but no worries you will be back at time for the lunch.
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