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Why Madeira Island’s Weather is Perfect for Every Season

Madeira Island’s weather offers a haven of relaxation with its stunning natural beauty and warm, crystal-clear ocean waters. You can immerse yourself in rejuvenating plant and algae extracts; inhale the fragrant flowers; breathe the clean, fresh air, all while enjoying Madeira Island’s temperate climate.

The inviting climate and picturesque landscapes of Madeira have been drawing visitors since the 18th century. At first, tourists were primarily of British origin, seeking the island for its reputed therapeutic air. This fame continued to attract notable figures such as Queen Adelaide of England, the Austro-Hungarian Empress “Sissi,” and Winston Churchill.

Cãmara de Lobos in great Madeira Island's Weather
City of Câmara de Lobos

Climate Overview:

Madeira Island’s weather boasts a subtropical, pleasant climate that encourages outdoor activities year-round. The average temperatures are mild, ranging from around 24ºC (75°F) in summer to 18ºC (64°F) in winter. The Gulf Stream warms the surrounding sea, keeping water temperatures about 22ºC (72°F) in summer and 18ºC (64°F) in winter. Therefore, the climate is perfect – never too hot, never too cold.

Key Weather Facts:

  • Year-Round Walking: Madeira Island’s weather is perfect for walking all year. Summers are not excessively hot, and winters remain mild. We recommend using Windy.
  • Average Temperatures: During winter, the average temperature is +18ºC (64°F) while in summer it is +24ºC (75°F).
  • Winter Sun Destination: Madeira Island’s weather is a favorite winter sun getaway for Europeans escaping colder climates.
  • Canyoning: You can enjoy canyoning 365 days a year due to Madeira Island’s favorable weather and water temperatures.
  • Spring: The spring season is mild and sunny, with occasional rain, especially in the mountains.
  • Summer: Summers are hot and sunny but moderated by Atlantic breezes, averaging around 24ºC (75°F).
  • Autumn: Autumn is dry and sunny, with temperatures gradually cooling from summer highs.
  • Winter: Winter brings a mix of sunny days, clouds, and occasional heavy rain, but temperatures rarely fall below 18ºC (64°F).

Local Weather Beliefs:

People from Madeira Island believe that if you can see the Desertas Islands from your window, you can predict the weather. If the islands are covered with morning mist, there will be a beautiful day in Funchal. If not, rain may follow later««.

Madeira Island’s weather ensures it remains a perfect destination throughout the year. Whether you’re escaping the winter chill or seeking a mild summer retreat, Madeira provides ideal conditions for both relaxation and adventure. Therefore, come and experience the unique charm of Madeira Island’s weather and landscapes for yourself.«


My name is Jhonathan Rodrigues, and I have been successfully operating my travel business on Madeira Island for the past 15 years. Originally from Venezuela, I quickly developed a deep affection and fall in love for Madeira Island. 

At Madeira Adventure Kingdom, our mission is to showcase the finest experiences Madeira has to offer. I look forward to providing you with an exceptional journey. Enjoy your adventure with us!

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