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Madeira island weather, an all year round destination.

Madeira Island weather invites you to relax. Incomparable nature and an ocean of warm and crystal clear waters. Renew your energies by enjoying plant and algae extract, smelling the flowers and breathing the clean air combined with the island´s temperature climate.

The Madeira Island climate and the beauty of its landscapes have been attracting visitors since the 18th century. In the beginner, most of those who sought the island were of British origin. The fame of the therapeutic air of the Island continued to attract more and more visitors many of whom were celebrities in those days such as: Queen Adelaide of England, The empress Austro-Hungarian “Sissi”, Winston Churchill and much more others.

Madeira has a climate subtropical and pleasant that inspires visitors to do outdoor activity throughout the year. Whit very mild average temperatures, ranging from around 24º in the summer to 18º in the winter, it offers the ideal balance throughout the seasons. The gulf stream currents heat the seawater around the islands, ensuring warm temperatures of around 22º in the summer and 18º in the winter. The climate is perfect; never too hot and never too cold.

Some facts about Madeira island weather:

  • Madeira island weather is ideal for walking all year round. The summer months are not all that hot and the winter are mild.
  • Average day temperatures is + 18ºC in winter and + 24ºC in Summer.
  • Madeira island is a popular winter sun destination for Europeans escaping the northern winter.
  • You can practice Canyoning 365 days per year in Madeira due to the weather conditions and water temperature.
  • During Spring time the weather in Madeira island is mild, sunny but cool in the mountains with occasional rainy days.
  • Along the Summer season is normally hot and sunny, but the heats is moderated by Atlantic winds, temperatures is about 24ºC.
  • In Autumn is dry and sunny with temperatures gradually falling from their summer highs.
  • Winter brings a mix of sunny days, cloudy and occasionally heavy rain. temperatures rarely fall below 18ºC.
  • People from Madeira island believe if you can see the Desertas from your window you can predict the weather. If islands are are covered with morning mist, there would be a beautiful day in Funchal, if not, it could rain later.
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