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Madeira Island: Portugal’s Vibrant Archipelago

Introduction Have you ever wondered, “Where is Madeira Island”? Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Madeira is not a part of Spain but a vibrant archipelago proudly belonging to Portugal. Besides, Madeira Island promises an unforgettable experience with beautiful landscapes, adventure, and delightful weather all year round. Without delay, let’s explore why Madeira Island should […]

Arriving at Madeira Island – What to expect

A Warm Welcome Awaits If you are arriving at Madeira Island, we want to say “welcome” and wish you the best holidays in Madeira. From the moment you step off the plane at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, named after the island’s famous “son”, you’ll feel the warmth and hospitality of the local people. Furthermore, Madeira’s airport, […]

Laurissilva of Madeira: An In-Depth Look

Discovering the Laurissilva of Madeira Island The Laurissilva of Madeira Island is a unique botanical relic, with origins dating back around 20 million years. At that time, this forest covered a vast area in southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Due to various glaciations in Europe at the beginning of the Quaternary period, the “laurisilva” disappeared […]

Discover Exciting Madeira Adventure Activities

The wide range of Madeira adventure activities surprises all who visit. Surrounded by the sea, aquatic activities play a significant role in the island’s appeal. For instance, why not experience swimming with dolphins or simply watching them? For the more adventurous and those who love to explore the natural beauty of the sea, join us […]

4 Things We Love About Canyoning in Madeira

Canyoning in Madeira: A Magical Adventure Canyoning in Madeira is something magical, unique, and one of the most popular activities to do when visiting the island. Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Being surrounded by a magical landscape, exploring hidden places, creating new memories, and most importantly, having fun. Those who have already visited Madeira […]

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