Canyoning in Pedra Branca

From: 120/per person

Canyoning Boots: Included

Quick Details

  • Difficult: Level 3 – moderate.
  • } Duration: 30min (Approaching); 2 hours in the Canyoning; 1min (Exit).
  • Availability: Thursday.
  • Highest Rappel: Approximately 50 meters high.
  • Minimum: In order to run the activity we need a minimum of 2 people.

From: 120/per person

Canyoning Boots: Included

Canyoning in Pedra Branca – Level 3

  • A tour inserted in the Laurel Forest of Madeira Island (World Heritage by UNESCO).
  • Do you have previously experience? This is the outdoor tour ideal for you, here you will find a stunning waterfall with 50 meters high.
  • Try one of the best things to do in Madeira Island, the Canyoning is an activity that will surprise you with breathtaking sceneries and wonderful landscapes.

To carry out a canyon of level 3, you must have previously performed a level 2 activity with our company or provide some proof of an equivalent level of experiences.

The Canyoning in Pedra Branca is a small but amazing canyon located in the North of Madeira Island.

This is the ideal canyon for those who want to venture into higher waterfalls. Although short, this canyon becomes stunning for its waterfalls and for its spectacular exit by the sea.


Neoprene suit and socks, Canyoning boots (ADIDAS OUTDOOR) includes & all the equipment needed (helmet, harness, connectors and eight approved by UIAA), a chocolate bar, licenses to carry out activities in the mountains, Canyoning guides, personal insurance (according to the Portuguese law) and transportation from the hotel to the activity and from the activity to the hotel.

What I need to bring?

To do Canyoning in Pedra Branca you need to bring a towel, bathing suit and change of clothes.


Is this Canyoning suitable for me?
Canyoning is an extreme sport with different levels of difficulty. This Canyoning in Pedra Branca is a level III – moderate so you need to have previous experience in Canyoning level II or be an active person to perform this level of Canyoning.
How many meters is the highest waterfall?
The highest waterfall in Ribeira da Pedra Branca is about 50 meters high, you need to feel comfortable with high to do it.
Health and fitness requirements?
The participants in the level III Canyoning must be fit. They should not be heavily overweight or suffer from serious health problems such as heart complaints or significant back or knee complaints.
How many guides will be with me in the tour?
During all the tour you will be escorted by two professional canyoning guides.
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Prices are per person

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