Canyoning Madeira – What level should I take?

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While visiting Madeira, you can’t miss the chance of trying canyoning. Canyoning Level 1 is a great opportunity to start the adventure for all those who have never tried it before or tried it only once and feel like experiencing it one more time. If you have the stamina for a mountain walk or just want to gain a wonderful experience in this amazing sport…. then IT IS FOR YOU!

Be prepared for getting dirty and wet but mostly be prepared for the best memories. Canyoning Madeira – Level 1 is not recommended for people having a great fear of heights or water or having any serious health problems.  If you are ready for a great adventure, don’t hesitate. You will never forget this wonderful experience of exploring Madeira in an absolutely amazing way!

Level 2 – (for moderates Canyoneers)

Canyoning in the world heritage site by UNESCO.

When you try canyoning just once, you will always feel tempted to do it again and again…You have no reason to feel guilty about it, as that is exactly how canyoning works. It can become addictive, but wouldn’t it be the best and the healthiest addiction?

If you love jumps and you are willing to feel a surge of pure adrenalin, then we are here to propose you Canyoning Level 2. As it is a more demanding route, you are required either to have previous experience or be fit and active to overcome every obstacle easily. This level is not recommended for those with fear of heights and water or for those with low stamina. Your huge effort will be rewarded by spectacular views and worth remembering for a lifetime memory!

Canyoning – Level 3 – (for advancers canyoneers)

60m waterfall in the north side of Madeira

Are you ready to unleash your adventurous side and begin the exciting experience which is Canyoning Level 3?

If you really want to feel the thrill and explore Madeira from places only accessible in a canyoning tour just provide us with the proof of previous experience with us or other company (experience of canyoning, climbing or mountaineering) and get ready for capturing these fleeting but wonderful moments that make life worth living! Normally the waterfalls in this level are between 50 and 60 meters high for that reason you will need to feel very comfortable with high and mountaineering.

Canyoning Madeira  – Level 4 – (for professionals only)

Go places others don´t!

Canyoning Level 4 is not for everyone, is just for the bravest, the most relentless and the most adventurous. Additionally, Canyoning Level 4 is only for those who had the great chance to gain the previous experience either with us or some other company. Our safety rules reserve this Canyoning level for autonomous people that have some experience doing Canyoning and can prove this. Is not suitable for beginners or climbers who believe that Canyoning is similar to climbing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the highest level of excitement and let your heart beat again! check this video and see how fun can be doing Canyoning with us!

Note: If you´re not too sure about your ability to feel free to e-mail or phone us and we´ll try facilitating a trip suited to your physical condition.

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