Things to do in Madeira Island

Tourist are really surprised by the range of things to do in Madeira Island all year around. Being an small island and being surrounded by sea the aquatic activities have an enormous importance in Madeira. Why not experience to swim with dolphins in a wild way or just...

The Laurissilva of Madeira Island

The Laurissilva of Madeira Island is a unique botanical relic, the origins of the laurel forest date back around 20 million years ago. At that time this forest covered a vast area in the south of Europe and the Mediterranean. Due to the different glaciations in Europe...

Madeira Island weather

Madeira island weather, an all year round destination. Madeira Island weather invites you to relax. Incomparable nature and an ocean of warm and crystal clear waters. Renew your energies by enjoying plant and algae extract, smelling the flowers and breathing the clean...

Arriving to Madeira Island

Arriving to Madeira island. If you are arriving to Madeira island we want to say you "welcome" to our Island and wish you the best holidays in Madeira. In the past, the unique way to reach the island was by the sea, but due to the advance of technology and the famous...

Madeira Island Location

Madeira Island location?.. probably one of the question that people more ask. Some people think that Madeira belong to Spain but not, Madeira Island belong to Portugal and we are very proud of that 🙂 Madeira is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, some five hundred...


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