4 Things We Love About Canyoning in Madeira

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Canyoning in Madeira is something magical, unique and one of the most popular things to do when you visit the island.

Who doesn’t love a good adventure?
Be surrounded by a magical landscape, exploring hidden places, creating new memories but most importantly, have fun…
Those who have already visited Madeira island know that this is a place that offers you so many different activities, places to discover and you need to be prepared to never have a boring day in your holidays.

Canyoning is certainly one of those activities that will make you enjoy the most.
For those who don’t know, Canyoning is an exhilarant activity done inside our rivers where we have to rappel and jump waterfalls in order to continue the path…and in Madeira we have so many beautiful places where we perform this activity. For all these attributes Madeira is considered one of the best places in the world to do Canyoning.

#1 Spectacular scenery in the Laurissilva forest.

Did you know that the great majority of the Canyoning in Madeira are inserted in The Laurissilva forest?
This beautiful forest is a world heritage by UNESCO since 1999 and is one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.
Exploring Canyoning in this forest is something unique!

Be prepared to be dazzled by the scenery, the green landscapes will give you a great feeling of adventure, the same one the Portuguese explorers felt while discovering the island. Even if you have tried canyoning before I can assure you that you never experienced anything like this.

Can you imagine rappeling down a 50m high waterfall surrounded by this beautiful green landscape with a crystal-clear water lagoon just beneath you? What a vision!! That would be a great Instagram picture, just kidding, but who knows…would you be bold enough to discover it?

#2 We have Canyons for all tastes

Now you are thinking, 50 meters high rappel??
You won’t see me doing that!! No worries, the good thing about Madeira is that we have canyoning for all tastes, we have beginners’ level, suitable for everybody, with or without experience, that wishes to have an introduction to this type of activity, we have moderate level, that requires you to have a canyoning or similar experience and a good physic condition and, of course, for the professional we have the 50 meters rappels and a more difficult canyoning.
As you can see there is no way for you to miss this chance to do canyoning, it doesn’t matter what level you are at, if you want to try, just do it!

#3 Explore places others don´t

“It looks great rappelling down the waterfalls and jumping into the crystal-clear blue waters, surrounded by all the green, but is there anything more we can have with this experience?” – you’re wondering, well one of the good things about doing canyoning is that you go to places that other people don’t, not even locals.
You’ll have the opportunity to explore areas inside the heart of the island that are not known by most people, you’ll have the opportunity to know the real Madeira.
Forget about everything else and focus yourself at the water sounds going down the river, the sound of wind blowing away between the leaves, and the sound of birds singing in the middle of the trees but most important, focus and pay attention to all the indications and instructions provide by the very professional and experienced guides.

#4 Canyoning in Madeira is available all year around.

Well, being Madeira a little paradise on Earth we are blessed with good weather all year around, so you don’t have to wait until summertime to have this magnificent experience anxiously…you can do it in winter, in spring, in autumn, you can do canyoning all year round! Of course, every season has its differences and each one makes this experience unique.

Now you don’t have any excuse to not do canyoning in Madeira and I tell you, if you don’t do it you will not know what you are missing… because canyoning is not only going down the river using a different set of techniques, canyoning starts as soon as you put your foot inside the van.

The trip until the beginning of the canyoning will take you through different villages and give you amazing views over the ocean, the mountains, the villages, and the island.
Getting inside the wetsuit…well that’s an experience, if you think doing the canyoning is hard wait until this part…walking along the levadas, some canyons require a bit of hiking to reach the beginning of the canyoning, and of course, the activity itself.

those are some of the things that make us fall in love with Canyoning, with Madeira! The dazzling scenarios, being able to do the activity no matter your experience, and the hidden places that you have the opportunity to discover are what make canyoning the perfect experience to take your family.

To those brave adventurers all around the world, Madeira is waiting for you!
All year around.

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