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Madeira Adventure Kingdom has released a new video on their YouTube channel titled “Walking Madeira Island” in this video you can observe what is walk in a “Levada” and the fantastic views that can be seen when you walk on it. The “Levadas” are water channels that was created in the past in order to bring the water from the north of the island of Madeira to the south to irrigate the soil. Come to Madeira Adventure Kingdom and enjoy a different way to walk in the nature.

Special thanks to Luis Freitas to create this wonderful video.

Madeira Adventure Kingdom Team.

Discovering Portugal. Walking in Madeira. (Part 1) By Travel Europe Guide

Madeira is a refined and sophisticated holiday destination, set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate. The top-quality hotels and excellent service mean that everybody feels comfortable and welcome.
Madeira is a tropical island. The Laurisilva Forest, in the Madeira Natural Park, is the largest evergreen forest in the world. And then there’s the sea, always blue and visible from wherever you are; says a web site of Turismo de Portugal, and this is so true!

Funchal (view from Pico da Cruz) | Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
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Plan your stay in Madeira to make sure you have chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the Laurisilva Forest, classified by UNESCO as a natural world heritage site. Walk through a forest of age-old vegetation set in the middle of the ocean, which was discovered by our navigators and has remained intact until the present day.

You can walk through the forest by following the water channels known as “levadas“, and you will discover all kinds of rare species of fauna and flora. It is said that the world’s first orchid grew here.

Refresh yourself with a swim in one of the natural swimming pools formed by the sea. And while you’re here, enjoy a good, tasty meal. The black scabbard fish is the local speciality and the tropical fruits that grow here are delicious.

Those in search of excitement can climb up to the mountain peaks of Pico do Areeiro and Pico Ruivo where they can walk above the clouds and look down at the island below.

 The Coast of Madeira | Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
photo by © gov-madeira.pt

This island has a mild climate all year round and everything is close at hand. Learn about the customs and history of its picturesque towns and villages, and don’t forget to taste the world famous Madeira wine.

Discover the fantastic and exotic world of Madeira

Levada’ walks
With roughly 1,400 kilometres of levadas to follow and explore, discover breathtaking landscapes in a unique encounter with nature. Accept the challenge!

Besides its natural beauties, Madeira has another no less surprising beauty to offer you: the magnificent engineering work of its irrigation system – the water channels known as levadas.

These watercourses are the living proof of the titanic effort made by our ancestors to spread amongst the hills and valleys the abundant water that gushed from the springs high up in the mountains.

Levada Walks (levadas)-the water channels across Madeira | Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
photo by © Adventure Kingdom

The levadas are sometimes the only means of access to certain places, which are so isolated that they just have to be worth a visit.
Stray a little from the main roads and discover the soul of the island by walking along some of these channels. Your efforts will be rewarded with the discovery of beautiful panoramic views and landscapes that will literally take your breath away.

Immerse yourself amidst these levadas and footpaths and enjoy the best panoramic views provided by the exuberant nature of Madeira.

Around Madeira
Despite its small size, Madeira has a wealth of majestic and unusually beautiful scenery. Rent a car and set off to discover the charms and hidden corners of this floating garden!

As you head westwards out of Funchal, you will soon come to the typical fishing village of Câmara de Lobos, followed by Cabo Girão, Europe’s highest promontory and the second highest in the world – reaching up to a height of 580 metres above sea level.

Visit Ribeira Brava before driving up to Encumeada along a route that offers you many different spectacular views. Continuing on towards Ponta do Sol and Calheta, you’ll reach the picturesque town of Paúl do Mar. From there, drive up to Paúl da Serra, Madeira’s highest plateau, and stop for a while to appreciate the beautiful view over the sloping hillsides.

The manufactured Beach of Calheta | Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
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At Porto Moniz, you can replenish your energies by taking a refreshing dip in the famous swimming pools that are formed naturally amidst the rocks. Our tour takes you on to São Vicente along a road that is sprinkled by waterfalls, and you should take some time to admire the contrast between the majestic green of the landscape and the crystal-clear blue of the sea. Here you can visit the volcanic caves or simply walk through the narrow streets of this pleasant little town.

Natural Pools of Porto Moniz| Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide

Now you have two choices: you can either drive back up to Encumeada and venture into the luxuriant vegetation of the Laurisilva forest, or continue on your way towards Santana, stopping at the many vantage points from where you can look out over beautiful valleys and mountains.

In Santana, be sure to visit the town’s typical houses and drive up to Queimadas, which is the starting point for some extremely beautiful walks, such as the one to Caldeirão Verde. The drive down into Faial is breathtakingly beautiful as the imposing mountains slope down towards the sea. Drive on towards Machico and don’t forget to take a detour to Caniçal and Ponta de São Lourenço, the island’s easternmost point.

Beautiful walk to Caldeirao Verde| Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
photo by © Adventure Kingdom

From the headland at Garajau, you can take in the view across to the Ilhas Desertas, whilst the viewpoint at São Gonçalo offers you a fabulous view over Funchal. Be enchanted by this magical island!

Madeira nature park
Visit Madeira’s indigenous forest, discovered by João Gonçalves Zarco and his fellow voyagers when they landed on the island in 1419!

Situated within the European space, Madeira’s natural heritage has been internationally recognised for its extraordinary wealth, diversity and state of conservation. In December 1999, it was classified by UNESCO as world natural heritage, a unique award in Portugal, and declared to be the biocultural heritage of all humanity.

The Laurissilva Forest, Madeira Nature Park| Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
photo by © Christiaan Arthur Hemerik

Don’t miss the chance to appreciate and enjoy this forest, which dates back to the Earth’s Tertiary Era and survived after the last glacial period only in the geographical area of Macaronesia, in other words the archipelagos of Madeira, the Azores, the Canaries and Cape Verde. Madeira has the largest forest of this type, covering an area of roughly 22 thousand hectares and also possessing the greatest variety of fauna and flora, with some rare specimens, as is the case with the Madeiran Orchid, Dactylorhiza foliosa, which is unique in the world.

Marvel at the large trees from the Lauraceae family – the til, the laurel tree or the vinhático – and discover shrubs, ferns, mosses, lichens and other smaller plants that are characteristic of the Laurissilva forest.

At the level of fauna, attention is drawn to the wood pigeon – the emblematic bird of the Laurissilva forest and the symbol of the Madeira Natural Park.

Pride of Madeira (flower), Laurissilva Forest| Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
photo by © Danny Perez Photography

Madeira gastronomy
There is a vast range of natural products on this island, making it possible to produce a wide variety of gastronomic delights.

As the island is in close contact with the sea, you will find excellent seafood dishes and all kinds of fresh fish at most restaurants – limpets, shrimps, octopus, tuna steaks and fillets of the Madeiran black scabbard fish, are just some examples of the many regional specialities.

You must also try the typical regional dishes, such as tuna steak with fried corn, the delicious “espetada” of beef grilled on a spit of laurel and the special bread cake known as bolo do caco.

Fruit lovers will find a real paradise in Madeira! There is an abundance of tropical fruits such as mango, banana, avocado, custard apple and passion fruit, offering you exotic flavours to round off a delicious meal. They can be eaten either in their natural state or in puddings, mousses and ice-creams.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love the island’s rich variety of cakes and pastries.

The most typical sweets are the Madeiran honey cake (Bolo-de-Mel) and the smaller honey cakes known as broas de mel, flavoured with various spices and made from sugar cane honey.

You also have a varied range of drinks to choose from. There are exotically-flavoured fruit juices – such as passion-fruit, papaya and guava – as well as the famous “poncha” (a punch made of sugar-cane brandy and lemon). You can also enjoy the famous Madeira wines – Malvasia (Malmsey), Sercial, Boal and Verdelho – which can be enjoyed with coffee or drunk as aperitifs.

Famous Madeira Wine| Madeira Island (Portugal)- Travel Europe Guide
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#Walking Madeira Island- Higuest Peaks (Pico do Areeiro- Pico Ruivo)

Pico do Areeiro – Pico Ruivo – Achada do Teixeira – BOOK NOW HERE!

This fantastic walk starts in the third highest peak of the island “Pico do Areeiro” at approximately 1810 meters height. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the greatness of the island and its fantastic views over the whole central mountain range. This path ends in the highest point of Madeira “Pico Ruivo” with 1862 meters height; the views from this point are breathtaking!

Distance: 11 km.

Duration: 4 Hours

Difficulty: Difficult (challenged)

Price: 36€ per person.

Minimum 4 people.

Note: For your safety we may change, cancel or postpone this walk due to weather conditions or reasons beyond our reach.


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Great adventure and very best way to get to know Madeira’s beautiful nature. Tour guides and drivers are super professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The price is very reasonable too. Highly recommend this tour to any travellers who are interested in walking and a fun adventure.