Flora and Fauna Watching in Madeira

Flora and Fauna Watching in Madeira

The Laurissilva is one of the ancient forests in the world, survivors of the tertiary era, and representative of the area Macarronésica. It consists of a unique biodiversity in the world and is therefore considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, not only of Madeira Island, but of humanity since 1999. The Laurissilva is known as the Forest that produces water, and for this it’s very common to find this vital element so abundant in our island.
In the case of Flora and Fauna, Laurissilva is rich in endemic, it is here where you can find species that can only be seen in the Madeira archipelago.

That’s why Adventure Kingdom wants to offer its customers the opportunity to observe the various species of flora representative of Laurissilva and Birdwatching to observe and perform the different species of birds that can be seen in the Forest of incalculable value.

Birdwatching + Flowerwatching Tour
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