Madeira Flower Festival 2013 – “The route of flowers”

This year the  Flower Festival takes place from the 9th to the 15th of May in Funchal, and the theme is “The Route of Flowers”.
This incredible event begins on Saturday morning with the Children’s Parade, which runs along the main streets of Funchal to the municipal Square for the construction of the “Wall of Hope” that is a wall made by flowers.

On Sunday afternoon the streets of “Avenida do Mar” in Funchal will be filled with music and fun as the parade passes by, with colourfully decorated floats with all kinds of flowers from all parts of the world.

There will be many other entertaining activities going on at the same time: the creation of delicate floral carpets in the main squares of “Avenida Arriaga”, music concerts, performances by regional folklore groups (Bailinho), contests for shop windows decoration and the Flower Exhibition held in the “Largo da Restauração”.

If you want to see the alternative flower festival join us in one of our magical Madeira levada walks and you will see fantastic and colorful flowers along the way with an certified mountain guide.

Here you can see the complete programme and hours of the event:

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Tourist Entertainment Calendar 2013

Here you can find the tourist Entertainment calendar 2013, we have some change respect 2012 calendar. If you will come to Madeira for some of this events don´t forget to visit our website in order to book the activities that we have to offer you.



What to do in Madeira Island? #Madeira Levada walk, #Canyoning,# Shore Excursions, #Jeep Safari, #Sailing and much more by Madeira Adventure Kingdom.

The Madeira Island astonishes all those who visit us by its range of adventure activities that can be done.

Being an island and being surrounded by sea the aquatic activities have an enormous importance. Why not experience to swim with dolphins or just watch them? And for the more adventurous and for those who love to watch the natural beauty that the sea can offer.

But because Madeira is much more than just the sea, we can offer during the whole year, to all the thousands of tourists who visit us, mountain activities. Why not go on a walk along the famous “Levadas” and enter in the Laurisilva Forest (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999). Or perhaps visit the more hidden places through a Jeep Safari in our central ridge.

On Madeira everything is possible, and the mild weather and the island’s orography invites us to mix the water with the Mountain and make one of the most interesting activities that can be done in Madeira, Canyoning. This activity will certainly be one of the most radical and adventurous ever.

But we can’t forget the Air activities, and therefore we must remember the paraglider. This activity is usually performed in “Calheta”, a sunny place with ideal conditions to enjoy the best paragliding baptism ever!

As you can see, Madeira offers all tourists who visit us adventure activities in just 740 km2.

Come and be adventurous with Madeira Adventure Kingdom.

Madeira Fireworks Festival – Festival do Atlântico

Foto/ Photo – ©SRTT/DRT

Madeira Fireworks Festival 2011

Every year in the month of June, Madeira Island presents the Atlantic Festival fireworks displays in synchronisation with accompanying music.

The Festival do Atlântico “Atlantic Festival” is held every Saturday during the month of June and takes place in Funchal at 22h30.

This Festival is a competition between Portuguese pyrotechnic companies in a bid to be chosen by the public to be responsible for the New Years Eve fireworks display.

Madeira Island; the place for your holidays!